Nature and nurture

One of my favorite hobbies is tending to the many beautiful orchids gifted to me by my husband over the years. Diligence in meeting their nutritional, structural and environmental needs has been rewarded time and again with the miracle of breathtaking colorful blooms perched upon sturdy, ever reaching stalks, brazenly flaunted as a peacock’s train. At the end of each flowering cycle, a careful pruning ensures the plants can renew their energies for the next cycle—a process that can continue ad infinitum with a little bit of luck and a lot of dedication. Orchids are delicate, beautiful, and often temperamental plants, and different species require their own particular care plan, whether it is in their watering and feeding schedule, sunlight requirements, or gentle encouragement to “stop being lazy and bloom already!” (I’ll admit this is not much different than my experience raising three unique but equally amazing children.) What I have learned over the years, evidenced by my increasing success in: A-not killing my plant, B-having it live more than one cycle, C-being able to nurse a sick plant back to health, are the parallels between gardening and restoring one’s personal health and vitality. Providing a strong nutritional foundation, creating an environment where the cells can breathe abundantly and sustainably, and tapping into the living organism’s own regenerative potential—all are the time-tested but simple truths behind cultivation of robust health and fortitude. Here, at The Rawal Institute for Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine, these immutable tenets guide the creation of customized treatment plans to help you feel and be your very best.

Dr. Shamila Rawal

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